Monday, June 23, 2008

Dear Jenny,
I just read your story…how inspiring! Thank you! How would you recommend people obtain fresh, organic fruit that is ripe since everything available seems to be picked green? I know some things will continue to ripen after you buy them, however, tree ripening is obviously the healthiest.Thanks for your insights.L.E.
Dear L.E,
To find ripe produce, I shop around...farmer's mkt...You could do mail order, if you can afford it. I smell it! Usually what's in season smells good and makes my mouth water and is great for eating. Also, I do a taste test. If it makes my taste buds stand up and say "Howdy!" it is a winner. Then there is the squeeeeeze...

I just do the best I can and pray over the rest. I just had some cherries…YUM! It IS tough to find ripe, yummy produce. Doesn't it make you wanna move to where stuff GROWS and grow it yourself? I've talked to rawbies in those places and THEY are surrounded by pesticides. I like my clean air and my clean water too! I just do the best I can and pray over the rest.

Wishing you the best...
Jen Jen

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jenny's Twenty Keys to Stay on "The Raw Wagon."
Written especially for us ex-overeaters!
By Jenny Silliman

If you are a food addict or a compulsive overeater, or if you are unhealthy or overweight, try eating a 100% raw diet to stop overeating, lose weight and gain radiant health. (For more on this see my website for info about my book Raw Victory ) The raw fiber, high water content, enzymes, chlorophyll, and high nutrient content of raw produce--all help you to feel satisfied. However, one bite of cooked can ignite overeating! Admitting your struggle, praying to God, asking for help--these are step one to getting on and staying on the raw diet--or as I like to call it, "The Raw Wagon."

Did you know cooked foods trigger overeating? Cooked foods also upset the delicate pH of the body; they are acid-forming. Cooked foods (as well as strong spices like pepper, mustard, vinegar, etc.) sap and even destroy our enzymes. Enzymes are crucial to the health of the body! Enzymes are like a hive of worker bees buzzing around inside your body constantly performing countless tasks for our 100 trillion cells for our optimal health and well being. Without enzymes we could never lose excess weight! Enzymes also balance our hormones and cause the appetite to be satisfied. Caffeine, chocolate, sugar, salt, cooked carbs, and yes, even cooked foods in general, are addicting and damage, destroy, or hinder enzymes from doing their work.

Even a 1% window can and probably will be your downfall, if you are a compulsive overeater. This is the common consensus of overeaters. Keep mouth closed to even one bite of cooked.

This means when you eat, sit down, relax, and focus on eating. Enjoy the process and eat slowly and mindfully. Don't just mindlessly shovel in food. Do not eat in front of the television or the computer. This is a bad habit. This is what fat people do!

Eat all you want (green fruit is bad for you--make sure it looks, smells, and tastes ripe!) until your hunger is satisfied. Fruit has gotten a bad rap as a high-calorie, high-carb, and high-sugar food. Fruit is what you were created to eat! (See Genesis 1:29) Fruit provides raw carbs for energy! Fruit is full of the best water on the planet for internal cleansing! Fruit provides raw fiber that scrubs your insides like a gentle scrubby for internal cleansing! Fruit's water and RAW fiber content will satisfy hunger and when your body has had enough, you will naturally stop eating. To a compulsive overeater this is miraculous. No more calorie counting--just eat plenty of ripe fruit and your body tells you when you've had enough. The fiber naturally slows down the fruit sugar, so that it is perfectly metabolized, assimilated, and utilized in your bloodstream. People ask me how I gave up sweets and I say, "I enjoy fruit for my sweets!"

Learn to recognize "true hunger." A rumbling in your tummy is not true hunger. Cravings for something sweet, salty, spicy, or for your old favorite cooked foods--that is not true hunger. When you first go on the raw food diet, you may experience lots of withdrawal, cravings, and detoxing in the first three days and there will also be bouts of detoxing (and possibly cravings) as you lose weight and more toxins are shed with fat stores. If you blow it or splurge, you will probably go through three days again. (See my book Raw Victory chapter 5 on detoxing.) I like the saying, "If you are truly hungry, you will be hungry for fruit." Satisfy your true hunger on that which satisfies--raw fruit, leafy greens, and raw vegetables. Eat all you want until your hunger is satisfied.

When the fruit becomes scarce, and I can't have melon for breakfast, and when the apples become plentiful in the fall, I pull out my old trusty Champion juicer and start juicing. "Jenny's Raw V-8 Juice" is my break-fast. I juice quickly and have streamlined the process, because if it is too complicated I get bogged down and I don't do it. JUST DO IT! I use carrot, 2 different kinds of apples, celery, lemon, orange, baby spinach, a sprig of parsley, carrot, and zucchini. Ahhhh!!! So satisfying! CURES CRAVINGS. Eases premenstrual tension. Floods your 100 trillion cells with nourishment. What a great way to start a healthy, raw, new and wonderful day! I drink one and a half cups of fresh, raw, delicious juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and then do not eat anything until I am truly hungry again. (At first juice may not taste good to you. Keep on...your tastes will change!)

It helps me to read a little bit each day on raw eating, health, Natural Hygiene, and nutrition, whether it is from a book or magazine (my favorite is Living Nutrition See their book catalog!) or from a website or e-list. Raw websites are free and so are the abundant raw e-lists. I have opened new g-mail addresses just for a raw e-list and then I can read through when I want and learn and it is free and easy. A favorite is I also have raw buddies that I like to e-mail and keep in touch with and share new bits of info I am learning, my struggles, questions, ideas, or victories. Writing a journal is a great practice and at times I wrote down everything I ate in order to hold myself accountable. I also like to write in my journal inspiring quotes. I am BIG ON LISTS also, as you can tell! LOL. This list on "Staying on Raw" was first written out in my journal!

How much better to munch on apples, and nibble on dried figs in the movie theater, than to succumb to a binge on a gallon of popcorn. Been there, done that, and don't care to repeat the performance! I have noticed there are times I need extra nutrition, so I try to plan and shop and splurge on a cooler or backpack full of raw goodies. When I attend a social event, or eat out, I eat before I leave the house, and I know I can always order a salad. Dieting is so common now that it usually isn't a big deal if you stick to the veggies or ask for no dressing. If you are challenged, you can always say, "I don't care to discuss it right now." After a year or so on raw, your radiant health, abundant energy, and sparkling vitality will vindicate you, and your loved ones will want to know all your raw food secrets!

Personally, I still only buy a small amount of dried fruit and nuts at a time because I can easily overeat on these. If you've ever overeaten almonds, you know what I mean. I use dried fruit for special occasion treats and I have one quarter cup of nuts and seeds a day as a kind of dessert, after I've filled up on fruit or a big, green leafy salad. I like to go to the store, farmer's market, farm, and orchard, to shop for fresh, ripe and in season produce. I let my senses guide me to what looks, smells, feels, and tastes (ask for a sample!) the best to me. My body will tell me what I need, if I listen. If I have plenty of scrumptious raw fruit at hand, I will not be tempted to bite into my husband's sandwich.

Sometimes we get our wires crossed and we just think we are hungry. If you are thirsty, drink water. If you are tired, rest. If the sun feels good on your face, take a sun bath. If you are restless, get some exercise. If the fresh air outside is refreshing, take a walk and do some deep breathing. If your muscles feel like they need a stretch, stretch! If you have a bout of detoxing and feel unusually tired or have flu-like symptoms, take a bath, fast, rest, drink water, and let it unfold. Your body will actually tell you how it needs to be nourished, whether it is a certain fruit or vegetable, or simply going to bed early--if we would only listen. Also, if you are not hungry DO NOT EAT. When you are eating, be alert to the signal (a small squeezing sensation at the top of the stomach) that says you are full. Learn when to stop eating--this is so important for us ex-overeaters. Don't keep eating just because there are others eating, or because there is still food left on your plate. The stomach usually holds about two cups of food--keep this in mind when you plan your raw meals, but don't feel like you have to eat it all. Sometimes I'll be emotional or upset and my throat will feel choked up and I now know this is my body's way of saying not to eat until I've calmed down.

Green is great, green is good--but only when we're talking about leafy greens or vegetables that are supposed to be green, like zucchini or cucumbers. Green fruit is not good for you and can be harmful to your health. If a fruit has no ripe smell, isn't the right softness, or the right color, and if it doesn't taste ripe and delicious to you, do not eat it. This is a big mistake that a lot of newcomers to raw often make because green, unripe fruit is commonly sold in the markets. If you bought a bunch of green fruit, kindly return it to the store and write a polite letter of complaint to the seller. Sometimes we need to educate produce managers on how to buy fruit!

Another quite common mistake of newcomers to raw is that they think they need to make all these complicated recipes and buy a whole new set of recipe books and expensive appliances like dehydrators and chopping devices, in order to eat raw and stay raw. I do not use any raw recipe books or a dehydrator or special spiral veggie choppers--I use a frig, a fruit bowl, a knife, and a chopping board. That's it! God created us and placed us in a garden and said to pick, eat, and enjoy. Most of us go shopping (and dream about sunny gardens full of fruit!) but the principal of simply enjoying raw produce that is fresh-picked and delicious just eaten out-of-hand still holds true. Keep it simple and easy and enjoyable. Staying on the raw wagon is not hard to do--enjoy the ride!

Nurture yourself. Nourish yourself. Take good care of your precious self--there's only one you! Love your body. You only get one for life! Be patient with yourself and kind. Say nice things about you in your head. The Bible says that as a person thinks so they will be. Tell yourself positive things and that you've come a long way baby. Don't be critical of yourself. Instead, tell yourself kind things and loving, positive things about yourself and especially your body. Love your body. It is a miraculous, amazing, self-healing, and wondrous creation! When you love yourself and your body, and value it, you will take good care of it!

Have you heard of a runner's high? You know how people get high on drugs and alcohol? Let me tell you that the most wonderful high is being high on health. Most of us ex-overeaters have experienced getting high on food. It is such a temporary and fleeting lift and the sluggish, gross way you feel afterwards is not worth it. When you experience how wonderful it is to be sparkling with vitality, energetic, radiantly healthy, full of creative thoughts and ideas, emotional serene, and mentally alert--you will want to stay on the raw wagon!

Juice them, munch on them, make raw sandwiches with them, make green fruit smoothies, add them to dips, dressings, or sauces, make raw soups with them, and make lots of big salads. In Genesis 1:29 when God says our food is fruit and the herb, I believe that botanically speaking, the herb is the green leaf and this is what we were created to eat. Sprouts, and tender green leaves and lettuces and herbs are some of the most nourishing foods on the planet. Study up on greens and you will be amazed. If you ever get a chance, stop at a juice bar and order a shot of wheat grass juice. Once I drank a shot of wheat grass juice a day for a week and I was literally high on health. I am convinced that most of the population in the United States are green leafy deficient. The chlorophyll is amazing--provides energy from the sun! Chlorophyll is almost identical on the molecular level to our blood. The only difference is that there is magnesium instead of something else. I was astounded to learn that depressed people are deficient in magnesium. Folic acid (from foilage) is another nutrient that people are commonly deficient in. Eat sweet baby greens to lift your mood and nourish your bloodstream, which will feed each and every one of your 100 trillion cells with what they are starving for! I saved the best reason for last...greens satisfy the appetite! GO FOR THE GREENS.

Every day is a new beginning, a fresh start and you can embrace the opportunity to be the best you you can be. The Bible says, "Each day has trouble enough." This is the truth! If we take it one day at a time, we have enough to deal with. Sometimes when we look at the future a year, a month or even a week at a time, we can get overwhelmed. Give yourself time, take it slow, take it one day at a time, and let yourself slowly develop into a healthier person with good habits and a nourishing lifestyle. If you blow it, oh well! It probably isn't the first time and probably not the last time either. Don't be a wimp about it. Don't beat yourself up about it. Just get up, brush yourself off, and climb back on the raw wagon. You are learning and growing and getting better every day. There is no rush! Enjoy each and every new, raw day!

"Each one teach one." We learn a lot through sharing our struggles, what we learn through our mistakes, and our victories. We learn when we teach, better than if we were students. I learn from myself when I write for you. Ha! Spread the word, shout it from the rooftops, and be a raw cheerleader with me. Raw! Raw! Raw!
19. Stay humble. I like to remember that there is always more to learn and there are many, many things we think we know to be true and find out later that it was hogwash. Many people believed the world was flat and then learned they were wrong--the world was round! Now, in hindsight, it is obvious that the world is round, isn't it? In recent health food history, it was commonly believed that to be a vegetarian you had to complement your proteins in order to ingest an adequate daily allowance of protein. For example, they mistakenly believed rice should always be eaten with beans for a "complete" protein. Now this has been proven wrong and we find out there was actually no scientific evidence to back that idea. What else will we discover about how to nourish the human body? I also like to remember that I may stumble, and fall flat on my face, and take a nose dive back into the comfort food. I am an ex-overeater, but I remember all too well what it was like to be out of control with my eating. We are all fragile and faulty human beings, bumbling along, and usually do all right. I call myself a "health seeker" and I like to admit that I have my failings and I am on a journey. I'm glad I make mistakes, you know why? I learn a lot from them!

Healthy, positive thinking, and an attitude of gratitude and optimism goes a long way toward nourishing your body and sticking with the wonderful raw lifestyle. We have so much to be thankful for! Isn't it wonderful how we can learn from other raw, vegan vegetarians? Isn't it terrific that we know how to help our bodies to heal and be healthy on raw? Aren't you glad that you have raw knowledge and so many resources at your disposal? Ain't it grand to be alive and look forward to the future and not worry about disease or old age or living in pain or obesity any more? Isn't is fantastic all the choices and availability of delicious, fresh fruit and tender, leafy greens in our stores and farmer's markets? Call me Pollyanna if you want to, but I am GLAD, GLAD, GLAD. I thank the Lord Jesus every day for my raw, living, nourishing, health-giving food and my healthy life and for helping me stay on the raw wagon.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hey Jenny,
I just looked around your raw food blog and I must say I really like your articles on there. I don't know so much about you though, like what you do for living and that, but it sure seems that you know a lot about raw food. It's awesome, thanks for all the info. What you wrote about grains is totally what I needed today to give me a stronger conviction that raw is the right way to go. Also, I like the way you write. You make it all very personal and you are open to state your own opinion. I like that.

Dear K.C.,
Thanks for writing. I also thank you for encouraging me to write more about myself on my blog. I will do that! I am a mother of 8. Cliff and I have 7 sons and 1 daughter, oldest is 25 and youngest is 4 years old. "Only" five sons at home now. To earn a little money to help pay debts, I have been providing child care for two girls for six months, but that is over next week. I am 100% hardcore follower of Jesus and I am 100% raw vegetarian. I know I am a strange one, but doing what God has led me to do. I am 49 years old.

My husband and sons eat normal American fare, alas. I have to be quiet and be an example and pray for God to show them and lead them. I am constantly reading books on raw, healthy living and Natural Hygiene Health Science and learning more. I hope to write books or at least booklets. I have several in the works. Some day I hope to get published.

Right now I am keeping track of my 100% raw vegetarian food intake and I will write about it soon on my blog so people can see how easy it is to eat this way. I am going to call it "Jenny's Twenty Raw Days".

Last Friday I had the priviledge to hear Victoria Boutenko speak in Portland, Oregon (which is four hours south of Sequim where we live). I was able to talk to her beforehand and had her sign all four of her books that I already own and have read and re-read. There were about 150 people there! I stood up after her talk and went up front and publicly thanked her for my victory over obesity and compulsive overeating as a result of going 100% raw after reading her books. She explains so clearly in her 12 Steps to Raw Foods that for those who have food addiction problems it is especially important to eat 100% raw. Have you seen her website?

By the way, I'd love to hear all about YOU. I love learning from other health seekers and raw vegetarians and I'd like to hear your story/history. YES YOU! Please writel me at . Also, feel free to ask questions, if you want to know more.

Love in Jesus,
Jenny Silliman
Sequim, WA

Sunday, April 29, 2007

I've learned that the body can only use about 1 cup of water at a time and when you listen to it, it will tell you when you need it. I used to count my cups of water, but now I drink to thirst, about a cup at a time. Now I know if I drank 8 cups a day, I'd be drinking too much water! It is actually hard on the body to have to deal with the extra. When you eat a lot of raw vegetarian and high water content food, you don't necessarily need the 8 cups a day. Some raw vegetarians don't drink any water. That doesn't make sense to me because animals in the wild, that still have their instincts, drink water. Good pure water is essential for health. It is important for weight loss because the body uses water in the chemical break down of stored fat. Water is also SO essential for detoxing and good elimination to keep the body clean on the inside.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I started out about 85% raw with the Hallelujah Diet in the year 2000. With juicing twice a day and eating a huge supper salad every day I noticed lots of good improvements, but still struggled with compulsive overeating. I lost extra weight only to gain it back.

A pregnancy in 2002 gave me the excuse to eat and I got huge. The summer after Peter was born (March 25, 2003) I was up to a size 20. I started praying desperate prayers and I mean crying out to God. Oh God help me!

Some people can be fat and happy, but not this mama! Obesity and a wobbly double chin did not become me. Besides excess weight to the tune of 75 pounds, I counted up 50 signs of malnutrition and ill health. It seems like once I turned 40 my body started falling apart.

I struggled with depression, hypoglycemia, intestinal problems, dry skin, arthritis, and a low immune system. I constantly got sick and my teeth started decaying at a rapid rate. I was afraid of getting cancer and heart disease. I went to bed early, slept in and took naps, but I was still tired all the time. I had pain in my knees, headaches, a back ache and a tooth ache. I got sick and tired of being sick and tired and FED UP WITH BEING FAT.

I read a raw recipe book that had one line that grabbed my attention: "COOKED FOOD TRIGGERS OVEREATING AND FOOD ADDICTION." It was an exciting revelation to me to learn that my constant hunger was simply the cells of my body crying out to be nourished and that cooked food was dead and my body desperately needed living raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and greens with live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, nutrients and chlorophyll.

July 2003 I began an amazing 100% raw year. I went from a size 20 to a size 10 and after detoxing I felt absolutely high on health. WOW!

In 2004 I started to add cooked food back into my diet. I live on the far northern edge of WA state and we have long cold winters here. I first added herb tea, soup, brown rice, steamed vegetables and potatoes. If I started to gain weight I'd go back to all raw, but I didn't have the conviction that all raw was the best for me.

I've struggled a lot with overeating and have gained weight until I'm back to a size 14. I tried the Prism Diet (combined with raw vegetarian) and went to Overeater's Anonymous, but kept on with trying to eat high raw. (I also had another devastating miscarriage last fall.)

I think it has been especially challenging as I have to cook for my family and I don't have a raw buddy or raw friends for support and understanding. Sometimes I feel like I'm from another planet. I raw planet, or island--doesn't that sound good? A raw island. Finally I've come to realize, as Victoria of raw describes in 12 Steps to Raw Food an overeater can't leave a window open to cooked food, even 1% cooked food, or it is a slippery slope. It is true. I start out with steamed vegetables and soon I'm sampling my own casseroles, dipping into my son's mashed potatoes, eating too much and gaining weight.

I'm back to 100% raw. April 15, 2007 I turned a new leaf. I guess I had to go around the mountain again. Alas. However, my convictions are firmer. I just had to learn it for myself or learn the hard way. Now I am in agreement with Victoria--with any kind of cooked food addiction, 100% raw is the only way to go.

It is again AMAZING to me how I do not overeat raw. I don't even need that much food to feel satisfied or experience "satiety." Maybe I'll write about that tomorrow. My raw blog can be my raw buddy for now.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Grains are for the Birds!
by Jenny Silliman

Grains are for the birds! A bird has an anatomical pouchlike organ called a crop, which is an enlarged portion of their throat or gullet, in which grains and other foods are held and partially digested by maceration, which is a soaking in liquid which their body produces for this purpose. Dr. Edward Howell, author of Enzyme Nutrition, writes: "When birds, for instance, swallow seeds or grains, these grains lie in the crop for 8 to 12 hours. As they sit, they absorb moisture, swell up and begin to germinate. During germination, enzymes are formed which do the work of digesting the seeds and grains."

Most Americans are overweight and about half are obese—probably in a large part because of overuse and abuse of this popular food group. We are raised with grains as a filler at every meal—you know they are the basic foundation of the food pyramid in the SAD Standard American Diet. Bread, even whole grain bread, grains flavored with the five deadly whites (sugar, white flour, salt, cooked dairy and fat), does not promote health. The fact is that baked goods are one of the most addicting foods on the planet.

Bread, bread, bread! Bread used to be my favorite food group. I used my own recipes for fresh ground organic whole grain bread, muffins, pancakes, biscuits, sweet rolls, donuts, cakes and cookies. I used only the best ingredients, such as celtic salt, honey straight from the beekeeper and organic wheat berries that I ground myself. How do you think I got to be 80 pounds overweight? Yes, even with WHOLE grain breads and whole grain casseroles and brown rice and oatmeal that are supposedly SO healthy, I became obese. These are the starchy foods, (along with the butter, oils, sugar, and salt that makes them yummy) that I used to fill up on. These baked goodies, especially when chocolate is added into the mix, are still my downfall. I am a carbohydrate addict.

I believe we are supposed to fill up on the food we were created to eat, fresh, raw, living, fruits, vegetables and green leafys. These truly satisfy the hunger and the nutritional needs of the body. RAW is the one and only food group--NO more pyramids!

For a treat, or a dessert, we can enjoy a few raw nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds are harvested in the fall and store through the winter well. God provided them as a food to get us through the winter months when our supply of fresh produce becomes slim. Grains actually are seeds and they serve the same purpose. They are easy to store and hard to spoil. In times of famine, flood or fire, they have enabled us to survive. Bread became “the staff of life” because it is a crutch to lean on or fall back upon in an emergency. In times of plenty, when there are more nutritious choices, however, grains are not needed as a staple.

Grains are seeds; however, they are not edible in the raw unprocessed form. Grains are rather flavorless on their own. We would probably turn up our noses at the plain barley flatbread eaten in Biblical times. Man, with his clever ideas and desire for food that is sweet, has taken grains--which are raw seeds--pounded them and ground them up and added sweetness, fat, dairy (in the form of milk, butter or cheese) and salt and then he cooks them to death. Did you ever eat plain whole grains? Horrible. Try eating cooked wheat berries or try eating flour by itself. Yuk! Baked goods, with all those “health robbers” added in, the sweet, the fat and the salty, induce overeating and even food addiction.

One cause of overweight and obesity is grains, whether whole grains or refined. Grains are highly addictive and they are the food most often binged upon. When an overweight person eliminates grains from their diet they lose weight and will probably never be overweight again. If you think they are not addicting, try to completely eliminate all starches for one week. This includes hot and cold cereal, rice, pasta, chips, tortillas, bread, corn, cornbread or anything made with flour or wheat. You might go through withdrawals for a few days. It might be more difficult than you imagine.

If you don't believe me, read "The NO-GRAIN Diet" by Dr. Mercola. The subtitle is: "Conquer Carbohydrate Addiction and Stay Slim for Life." I don't agree with everything Dr. Mercola says, but you might be interested to read what he says about corn. Corn seems so harmless. He states that it has no nutritional value to our system, is hard to digest, and causes the body to react the same as when sugar is ingested since it is a grain. Corn is a definite no-no in his suggestions!

It has become traditional to consume generous quantities of grains at each meal. Bread, cereal, pasta and rice are thought to be healthful. GRAINS ARE NOT HEALTH FOOD. Grains are acid-forming and mucous-forming in our system. The use of grains contributes to various ailments and diseases such as allergies, arthritis, asthma, colitis, colon cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, fibro myalgia, sinus infections, headaches, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue and ulcers.

Our system gradually breaks down our food into small molecules so that it may be absorbed into our bloodstream. Starches are very complex carbohydrates (complex sugars), polysaccharides, and they can be broken down partially by our salivary ptyalin, but this substance is weak in humans. We are not meant to break down tough starches. God designed us with a digestive system perfectly suited for a diet of raw fruits, vegetables and green leafys. When fruit and vegetables are ripe, the starches have turned to monosaccharides, or simple sugars, and are easy for us to digest, and in fact the optimal food for us. Our body requires the soft or soluable fibers of raw vegetation. The “non-soluable” fiber that is found in grains is sharp and acts as an irritant to our intestines.

In addition, wheat and many other grains, contain “gluten” which is a protein that is just that, gluey. The human digestive system, unlike the birds, was not designed with the enzyme needed to digest this substance. The chemical reaction that gluten produces in the body is similar to a morphine-type molecule, which reeks havoc on the central nervous system. Gluten in the diet has been shown to be a contributing factor in behavioral problems, attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities and even autism and schizophrenia.

Grains are acid-forming and humans need alkaline-forming food (raw fruits, veggies and green leafys!) to be healthy. When we ingest acid-forming foods our body has to utilize calcium, with the alkaline pH, to balance our system again. This is how we lose calcium from our bones and osteoporosis develops. A diet high in grains is dangerous for the bones! Grains also have a natural coating, called phytic acid, to inhibit sprouting. Ideally grains should be soaked and the soak water poured off, before they are used, so that the toxic phytic acid is not ingested. In fact, soaked and sprouted grains are wonderful nutrition. Of course, then they become a green leafy and we already know how wonderful those are for us!

If all of this information isn’t enough to convince you to give up grains, or at least minimize them in your diet, take a look at the toxic chemicals used in grain production: aspartine, ammonium salts, fluorine, mercury, cyanide and chlorine. Then take a look at packaged grain products and read the list of preservatives, additives, chemical flavorings, and coloring agents. These are all in addition to the typical ingredients, oils, sugar, salt and cooked dairy, that are all hazardous to health and promote carbohydrate addiction.

One idea is to save grains and fresh baked goodies for a celebration food or a special treat. In the Bible we read about special feasts and celebrations throughout the year. However, for the bulk of our diet, grains are not a good idea. I know this may go against the grain (pun intended), but I believe God when He gave us fruits, vegetables and green leaves and said they were for our food and do you know what God said about raw food? He said, “Behold, it is very good.”

In His love and service,
Cliff and Jenny Silliman
Dan Val Dave Mike Josh Steve Luke Pete
931 S. 7th Avenue, Sequim, WA 98382
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Saturday, April 30, 2005

"Cancer, Cause and Cure"
by Jenny Silliman

Cancer can't grow in the presence of oxygen. Cancer also does not grow in an alkaline environment. Cancer grows in an acidic environment and it grows in the presence of fermentation which is anerobic, which meanswithout oxygen.

The Standard American Diet (S.A.D.), with lots of meat, sugar, wheat and dairy, and cooked and processed foods, is acid-forming. Cooked food contains almost no oxygen. Coffee and soda are especially acid-forming and so are baked goods. Baked goods, (grains and sugar) create fermentation (actually alcohol!) in the body and this is perfect for cancer to grow. Raw fruits and raw vegetables, especially dark green leafys (and the king is wheatgrass!), are alkaline-forming in our system and they also have a high oxygen content that is easily assimilated into the cells of our body.

Raw produce in abundance in our diet is our best line of defense in the prevention and cure of cancer. (and eliminating sugar, wheat and dairy from the diet--except maybe someone might include raw dairy products. For more on dairy read Health Seeker E-Newsletter "Milk is ForBabies.")

In addition, to prevent (or cure) cancer we need to do all we can to live a healthy life which means fresh air, (oxygen!) plenty of good water(which contains oxygen also), sunshine and placing a big priority on exercise, exercise, exercise. Exercise is another avenue to circulate oxygen into the bloodstream. Remember cancer can't grow in the presence of oxygen! Aerobic exercise and muscle building or strength training (I joined Curves!) for at least a half an hour 3 times a week isrecommended. This is only an hour and a half a week--surely we can find that much time in our busy schedules for the sake of our health and to prevent cancer.

For more on the subject of "Cancer, Cause and Cure" read
"Eat to Live" byDr. Joel Fuhrman

"Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore"by Lorraine Day, M.D. P.O. Box 8, Thousand Palms, CA 92276 1-800-574-2437. You can see the cancerous tumor on Dr. Day's chest on her website. She is now cancer free and alive and well and over 60 years oldand happily spreading the news about raw vegan food, exercise and ahealthy lifestyle for the cure and prevention of cancer.

Also read AnnWigmore's books or "How I Conquered Cancer Naturally" by Eydie MaeHunsberger, one of Ann's followers.

Or contactElizabeth Baker, age 91 and raw food advocate, that healed from 4 different illnesses including cancer

I have known many people to recover from cancer by adopting an all rawproduce diet OR a high raw program like Eat to Live

or the Hallelujah Diet

IF they eliminated all sweets except fresh fruit (no dried fruit or honey etc.) and they eliminated meat, wheat and dairy. In other words, they became vegan vegetarian and either 80-90% raw or 100% raw and had no acid-forming sweets, meat or wheat.

If you begin such an eating program plan to detox (feels like the flu) for a few days each week or each month in diminishing cycles. The body will clean house and you will feel worse at first, but hang in there because then you will have a break through in healing. This is also called "a healing crisis."

For six months now I've been juicing wheatgrass and vegetables in a SoloStar juicer. (For more info: or call (801)375-2250. Give them my name, Jenny Silliman, and get a special reduced price of $199.95 when it normally sells for $239.95 on the website. Also can get a discount on books on wheatgrass. The best one is "Wheatgrass,Nature's Finest Medicine" by Meyerowitz and also excellent are Ann Wigmore's books.)

When I broke my arm in January I had to have surgery and when the nurse tested my blood she said in astonishment, "WOW! Your blood is 99% oxygenated. I've never seen it this high!" RAW RAW RAW!

It is estimated that in the year 2020 approximately 80% of all Americans will have cancer. Right now it is the second highest cause of death in children ages newborn to 13. Health is not an accident, it is an achievement--a very worthwhile achievement. You can't get it out of bottles of medicine or bottles of expensive vitamins. You can't buy back your health when it fails, but you can become a health seeker and learn how to nourish the temple body that God has entrusted into your care. You can change and live a healthier lifestyle. You can find time, MAKE time, o exercise each day. You can rebuild a healthy body with a strong immune system that is resistant to disease, illness and fatigue.

God has prescribed raw, living, enzyme charged food from the good of the land--fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds. In the very beginning God said, "I give you every fruit bearing seed and green leaves (herbs) and they shall be for your food." Nothing compares to the way I feel on an all raw vegan diet with daily exercise. As God said, "It is very good."

Love in Jesus,
Jenny, your health seeker friend
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P.S. If I had cancer or any serious disease and couldn't conquer it on my ownI would pray about attending a healing center...7 HEALING CENTERS

1. Dr. Ann Wigmore's Hippocrates Health InstituteFlorida: The Hippocrates Health Institute has been the premiere leader inthe field of natural and alternative health care and education since1956. It is famous for its healing work using wheatgrass and for changinglifestyles. Ann Wigmore's story Here's a site of an ongoing e-diary by Jody Mardesich at Ann Wigmore'sInstitute in Puerto Rico:

2. Creative Health Institute... Living Foods Store Articles and Flyers Subscribe to Newsletter. theDr. Ann Wigmore Hippocrates Institute of the Midwest teaching Wellnessthat Works since 1976. ... May 27, 2004

3. Tanglewood Wellness CenterLoren Lockman or Dr. Timothy Trader 1-301-898-8901. Email:

4. Gerson, "Gerson Therapy" Dear Jenny, My husband was cured from embrynal cell carcinoma (testicular cancerspread into his lymph nodes) eight years ago. He refused chemotherapy(which is the only cure/solution for this type of cancer - in thetraditional medical world, not taking chemo was a sure death sentence). Our good Lord directed us to an intense nutritional therapy called theGerson therapy which he did for three years (two years after declared inremission by our oncologist). His story "Recovery of Rex Clement FromTesticular Cancer" was published the Gerson newsletter several years ago, the Gerson Healing Newsletter, May-June, 1997.

5. The Weimar Institute www.weimar >Jenny, Are you familiar with the Weimar institute's NEWSTART program?It is a >guide to healthy lifestyle and goes right along with what you have shared. The Weimar institute is in Weimar, CA (near Grass Valley area) It is aChristian facility begun by Raymond and Dorothy Moore as a venue forChristian service. [7th day Adventist ] It has a garden and orchard andgrounds, you can come for classes on health, exercise or cooking or stayand they will help you practice a healthy lifestyle that includes a rightrelationship with God, eating well, getting exercise, working outside, getting fresh air and sunshine. They have nutritionist, herbalists, andMDs on staff. Their website address is . You cancontact them at Weimar Institute, PO Box 486, Weimar, CA 95736, (530)637-4111, (800) 525-9192, E-mail: . You can order a catalog at , 1-877-WeiMart (934-6278)
Dear Jenny, I shared your newsletter with my mother-in-law and she said it was a similar program that helped her lose over 100 lbs before I met her. She had been told by several doctors that her numerous health problems could not be controlled and she was going to die in her 50s. Fortunately a Seventh Day Adventist doctor with the Weimar Institute (if you aren't familiar with them check them out, you would love them, very much like your program) told her that if she was willing to make a lot of radical changes in her life she would live. So she started eating raw (eventually moved to vegetarian after getting her weight down and health under control) and exercising, drinking water, getting fresh air and sunshine, and she is still going strong at age 76. She has a wonderful story, she's the best one to share with you, as it was before I came along. She got to be so good at it she helped with some classes and gave inspiriational talks at Weimar and some Seventh Day Adventist churches. Well I just wanted to tell you how happy I am for you and what a blessing your encouragement in this area has been. God keeps hitting me over the head with things telling me I need to lose weight and more importantly put food in its proper perspective in my life, right now it is my friend and consolation (God wants to be the ONE) When I am ready to change you have given me the tools. Love in Christ, -----

Hi Jenny, I just read about Raymond & Dorothy Moore founding Weimar as a venue forservice for Christian college students in one of their books. They doseminars all over and have a wonderful holistic perspective, we are morethan just body parts. They have MDs, nutritionists, herbalists andfitness trainers. They focus on your spiritual, mental and physicalhealth. They have live in seminars on campus where everyone works in the gardens/orchards, exercises in the lovely foothill setting, drinks lots of pure well water, spends time with the Lord, etc and learns how to takethis lifestyle home. Love ----

6. Raw World Retreats wrote: "I'm due for a vacation and considering really reallytreating myself, my non veggie hubby even supports this! I would like tohear from anyone who has gone. It just sounds glorious. Just think ofit; an incredible vacation in an incredible place and no food worries. Wow."

7. Optimum Health Institute located in beautiful Lemon Grove (near SanDiego) CA is another healing center (not Christian but not new agey either)
"Eat to Live" by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Dr. Fuhrman is a Natural Hygiene Health Science board member and regular contributor of articles to their excellent magazine called Health Science. He provides online support to those who wish to heal from sickness or disease, such as cancer, or would like to lose excess weight.

This excerpt from his book,"Eat to Live" (80% raw eating program) is entitled: "Cancer is a Fruit and Vegetable Deficiency Disease"

"Not surprisingly, fruits and vegetables are the two foods with the best correlation with longevity in humans. Not whole-wheat bread, not bran,not even a vegetarian diet shows as powerful a correlation as a high level of fresh fruit and raw green salad consumption.

The National Cancer Institute recently reported on 337 different studies that all showed the same basic information:

1. Vegetables and fruits protect against all types of cancers if consumed in large enough quantities. Hundreds of scientific studies document this. The most prevalent cancers in our country are mostly plant-food-deficiency diseases.

2. Raw vegetables have the most powerful anti-cancer properties of all foods.

3. Studies on the cancer-reducing effects of vitamin pills containing various nutrients (such as folate, vitamin C and E) get mixed reviews; sometimes they show a slight benefit, but most show no benefit. Occasionally studies show that taking isolated nutrients is harmful, as was discussed earlier regarding beta-carotene...

Though Americans would prefer to take a pill so they could continue eating what they are accustomed to, it won't give you the protection youare looking for. You can close the cover of this book and put it away right now as long as you can incorporate this crucial dietary change into your life: consume high levels of fruits and green vegetables..."